Freshness System

Sushi Freshness System Ensuring freshness of your sushi

Food freshness and safety are of paramount importance to every Sushi Restaurant. To ensure top quality of served food, MODU Sushi Freshness System helps to monitor the freshness of sushi on the conveyor and enhances customer’s dining experience while improving the profitability of operation. MODU Sushi Freshness System is reliable, accurate and precise and simple in operation.The system only monitors the freshness of the food on the conveyor system without any data output for analysis. The chef only select the shelf life of the food and place it on the conveyor. Once the shelf life is reached, the plates would be rejected out from the conveyor.

Also Available Sushi Timer

What is it?
MODU Timer is an electronic device that would help you to eliminate problems in ensuring sushi freshness on the conveyor. MODU Timer is a value added device to the existing sushi conveyor that ensures food delivered to the customer; ‘Looks fresh’, ‘taste fresh’ and ‘is fresh!’

1. Increase Customer’s satisfaction due to freshness ensured.
2. Increase in customer’s confident on food quality. Hence, gain new customers.
3. Increase your brand with associating it with freshness.
4. Easy maintenance and operation.
5. Reduce manual tracking and human errors.