Date : 13th December 2019 Time : 9.30am – 1.30pm Venue : MODU Group HQ

Press release of MODU Group New Headquarters Grand Opening and Launching of the IR4.0 centre
On 13 December 2019, YB Dr Ong Kian Ming, deputy minister of International Trade and Industry, officiated the Opening of MODU Group’s new Headquarters and Launching of the IR 4.0 centre. YB Dr Ong states that the Malaysia government is supporting local SMEs who are looking to tap on IR4.0 technology and expand outside of Malaysia market. He encourages local SMEs to apply for the IndustryWRD Readiness Assessment and the MITI grant for IR4.0 to improve productivity and efficiency.
MODU was founded by Mr KH Chaw in 1995. In three weeks’ time, the group will be 25 years old. As MODU group Executive Chairman, Mr Chaw quoted that; in line with our government initiatives to develop Malaysia as an IR4.0 hub and in our next chapter of challenges and, especially to meet our valued customers’ demands and keep up with technology developments, the group are transforming to an IR4.0 solutions provider from our humble beginnings as a conveyor company.

MODU wants to become a leading automated solution provider and a global leader in SMART conveyor.
The group is committed to delivering high quality products and sustainable solutions that add significant value to our customers.
Mr YK Chew, MODU’s CEO, shared the group’s three year strategy on new products investment and developing the regional market.
Next year, the group is setting up one new high technology unit that will focus on IR4.0 offerings and solutions in Malaysia. The new unit will offer SMART solutions, both hardware and software, to fulfil the continuous needs of the customers today and leverage the potential of digitalization in today’s world. For a start, the unit will employ young Malaysian talents to develop new products and work with higher institutions of learning, such as the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) on Project SMART, the first kick off collaborative project.
On regional development, MODU is looking to grow around the world.
In America, they have just signed a collaboration agreement with QC Conveyors, part of a large American industrial group, Duravant to develop the North American market. QC has a network of more than 60 distributors in America and Duravant is an industrial group delivering global solutions in food processing, packaging and material handling. MODU is confident that in the coming years, the collaboration with QC will enable them to successfully increase their market share in North America.

The group is currently considering setting up a wholly owned entity in Central Europe. They believe made-in-Malaysia products have an advantage in terms of value, and they aim to offer their products and automated solutions to advanced industrial countries like Germany, Spain and Italy. MODU is also planning to use the new entity as a platform to identify new technologies and talents that will assist them to grow to the next level and to compete globally.
Within Asia, they are also planning to set up one new regional sales and R&D unit in Singapore. It would allow MODU to be closer to some Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Singapore, which will enable them to learn more about their future products development and start working with them on new products R&D and solutions earlier.

菲尔蒙克(左起),王莉雯,周锦兴,王建民,周以恭,刘畐䚠和朱兆坚在MODU 企业集团总部开幕仪式上剪彩

MODU 企业集团巴生新总部开幕
MODU 企业集团前在巴生武吉拉惹的新总部大楼和工业4.0自动化中心举行开幕仪式。
MODU 企业集团执行主席周锦兴表示,随着公司发展壮大,该公司搬到了这座占地12万平方尺的新总部。他指出,现在已迈入工业4.0的时代,MODU 的生产线把每一台机器联起来,除了能提高生产效率,也即时提供最详细的数据,让管理者明确了解生产线的情况并即时应对。除了生产线,MODU 也提供专为餐厅打造的自动化送餐系统。该公司计划在4至5年后上市,所以接下来3年都要有20%的增长率。
出席开幕仪式的有国际贸易及工业副部长王建民博士,安联银行副总裁朱兆坚,MODU企业集团非执行懂事王莉雯,总裁周以恭,副总裁刘畐䚠和总监菲尔蒙克(Phil Monk)