RFID Freshness System

Fresh Food Every Time


Process of Work

The chef selects the shelf life of the food from the touch screen. Once the shelf life has expired, the plates will be rejected by the Reject Station. This is a standalone system and does not provide any data for analysis.

  • Automatically tracks and removes the plate that is above the designated shelf life from the conveyor.
  • Reduces manual checking and removing of plates by staff.
  • It can be added to an existing conveyor.
  • Easy operation.

Sushi Timer

Timer for controlling freshness in the form of a base under the plate

The timer is an electronic device with a built-in clock giving a red light signal when the preset time is up. The chef sees it and removes this plate from conveyor.
Timer settings are 1,2,3 or 4 hours. Height of a base is approx. 28 mm.
Upper surface of timer has grooves to hold plate bottom, fixing it on the conveyor.

  • Ensure food freshness.

  • Reduces manual work and error.
  • Easy maintenance and operations.
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