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Point-of-Sales System (POS)
Ordering System
QR Code Ordering System
Lane Management System (LMS)
Kitchen Display System (KDS)

For Guests

  • Easy access of menu at finger tips

  • Easy to use intuitive interface

  • Select food items while in queue

  • Call for service (call waiters, ask for bill, refill drinks)

For Restaurant

  • Reduced cost
  • End to end integrated with POS
  • Dynamic addition & removal of menu items
  • Better control
  • Live stock status
  • Real time updates on discounts and offers

Point-of-Sales System (POS)

End to end order management for Walk-in customers, Home Delivery and Take Away

Apart from managing orders and tables MODU- Devourin POS comes with rich set of features like integrated CRM, Coupon System, Loyalty Program which helps in personalized interactions and customer engagement.

  • 100% operational even when offline

  • Easy to learn at every level of management
  • Reliable to the core, even at heavy loads
  • Securely backed up on routine basis
  • Customisable as per your needs

Ordering System

Stage 1 :
Assign table and Print QR Code for customer

Stage 2:
Order using QR Code / Tablet

Stage 3:
KDS for Order Preparation

Stage 4:
Lane Management System for Sending food accordingly

Stage 5:
POS / Billing

QR Code Ordering System

Personalized dining experience

Enable your guests to enjoy the complete dining experience from their own mobile devices


Tab based tool for welcoming guests, table allocation and table management

  • Customer Insights – It is loaded with rich CRM where it provides the hostess with details like:
  • Most favourite table

  • Last used table
  • Frequency used table
  • Frequency of visits
  • Feedback from previous visit
  • Customer history
  • Personalized Interaction – This enables hostess to have highly personalized interaction with guests.

  • Remote Access – Hostess will be able to assign table directly from the reception itself.
  • Queue Management – It comes loaded with queue management capability where all the customers in waiting can be managed easily.

Lane Management System (LMS)

Help in reducing human error when food is being delivered

All food is being populated on the tablet

Food sorted automatically once table number is selected

Food sorted automatically once table number is selected

Select the food that is ready to be delivered using the car

History to check which food has been delivered for monitoring

  • Each food would be allocated to the table number

  • When sending the food with the delivery system, select the food with the same table number

  • Select which level to use when sending to customer

  • Press “Go” and food would be delivered

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

The Kitchen Display System tool helps in reducing the time between order placement and its delivery. Pre-defined brand level SLAs can be closely monitored and controlled in real-time or with the help of informative reports.

  • Colour coded monitoring of service efficiency and delays
  • Item segregation to reduce preparation time
  • Real-time visibility to the kitchen management
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