Lubricant Spray AUTEX

Spray onto necessary machine parts, rice trays and rice boxes before operation to prevent rice from sticking to the surfaces

  • With unique blend, the effect on Resin parts is minimized

  • Made from 100% vegetable oil: odor-free spray with good oxidation stability
  • Provides not only lubrication but also protection against rust
Raw Materials Vegetable oil, emulsifying agent, antioxidant (vitamin E), LPG
Interior Content 480 ml (10 or 5 cans /set)

Rice Box ASA151

Sushi rice ball storage that is able to keep rice warm for a long time

  • Capable of containing 5 rice trays (about 250 sushi rice balls) at once
  • Use of a polyethylene resin insulation keeps sushi rice and formed pieces warm for a long time
Outer Dimensions 483mm (W) x 373mm (D) x 256mm (H)
Inside Dimensions 372mm (W) x 305mm (D) x 180mm (H)

Rice Tray ASA159

Storage for nigiri sushi rice balls to use with Rice Container

  • Capable of containing up to 50 sushi rice balls per tray
  • Shock-resistant and easy to clean
Outer Dimensions 370mm (W) x 300mm (D) x 31mm (H)
Inside Dimensions 367mm (W) x 294mm (D) x 28mm (H)
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