Norimaki Cutter ASM230

Safe and efficient manual NORIMAKI CUTTER
  • Safe work environment with auto lock mechanism. No blades are exposed when the cover is open.
  • New special circular shape blades cut cleanly and evenly.
  • The lock can be manually released if required.
  • This unit is portable as it does not require any electrical power. Easy set up and power saving.

Special Features

Easy Operation
Turn twice to cut a roll into pieces.

Blade Safety
Blades are locked away in place when the cover is open.

Blade Wipers
Silicon wipers cleans the blades with each cut.

Easy to Clean
Simple structure allows for fast and easy cleaning.

3 Blade Options
Available in 6, 8, 10 piece cutting blades.

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Dimensions 445mm(W) x 342mm(D) x 348mm(H)
Cutting Method Manual 2 rotation cutting method
Cutting Size The following Norimaki cuts can be made by selecting the appropriate cutting unit (optional).
For cutting of 6 pieces from 185mm length roll For cutting of 8 pieces from 185mm length roll For cutting of 10 pieces from 205mm length roll
Cutting Width 6 pcs.=Approx. 30mm 8 pcs.=Approx. 21.5mm 10 pcs.=Approx. 20mm
Weight Approx. 11 kg