Norimaki Machine ASM880CE

It can be operated simply and set flexibly.

  • The lighter machine parts simplify daily cleaning, assembling and disassembling.

  • The new feature of loosening rice was designed for the ASM880 and the hopper capacity was increased to 10kg.
  • The machine keeps the setting values of the previous operation. These can be recalled automatically just by attaching each wrapping unit to the main body.
  • Its applicability to long rolls makes it possible to make various kinds of rolled sushi. Inside-out rolls can also be made by changing settings.
  • Changing the wrapping unit is easy with one-touch simple operation and the previously used rice mat setting is automatically set in accordance with the size of the wrapping unit.

Product Information

Sushi rolls are produced by simply pressing the start button twice and sizes are automatically adjusted by changing the wrapping unit.
Available sizes: S, SM, M, L, LL

Rice sheets are produced simply by changing the forming flat plate and pressing the start button. 5 different rice mat sizes can be programmed and changed easily through the control panel.

Finished Rolled Size ※
It can form the sizes below by changing the wrapping-unit (sold separately).

Finished Rolled Specification(mm) Seaweed Size(mm) Rolled Approx. weight
Small S 25 square × 185 width 103 × 185 70g – 90g
Med. M 35 square × 185 width 150 – 165 × 185 120g – 150g
Lgr. L 45 square × 185 width 188 – 208 × 185 200g – 270g
Yoko Med. YM 35 square × 205 width 150 – 165 × 205 130g – 160g
Yoko Lgr. YL 45 square × 205 width 185 × 205 220g – 300g

※ Rolled weight varies depending on the amount of ingredients and rice condition.

Special Features

Two maki functions
Switch from maki roll to rice sheet function by swapping out the units.

Wrapping units
Choose from a variety of wrapping units depending on your needs.

Safety sensor
Stops production when it detects any motion near the wrapping unit.

Customizable Settings
Set desired maki roll or rice sheet specifications on the control panel.

Supply Mode
Produces rice sheets.

Wrap Mode
Produces maki rolls.

Wrapping Unit
Wraps a maki roll.

Heat Retention
Keeps sushi rice at an ideal temperature.

Dimensions 360mm(W) x 551mm(D) x 732mm(H)
Power Supply AC230 V (50 / 60 Hz)
Power Consumption 70W
Hopper Capacity Max. Approx. 10kg
Weight Approx. 50 kg
Rice Supplying Method Auto-stirring Supply System
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